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Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Bus Expedition Tour

  Qinghai-Tibet Plateau bus route sets out from Xining via Golmud to the city of Lhasa in Tibet. It runs 2000km through Riyueshan(sun and moon mountain),Qinghai Lake, the ancient graves of Tuyuhun in Dulan, Golmud, Kunlun Bridge, Kunlun Spring, Wujilongfeng Taoism Temple, Yuzhu Peak, Kunlun Pass, Kekexili Natural Protected Area, Wudaolliang, Fenghuo mountain, Tuotuohe River(the main source of Yangtze River), Tanggula mountain, Qiangtang Grassland, Naqu, Dangxiong County, then get to Lhasa. This route can be passed at any time of the year, which is secondary road. It become a tourism hotline in recent years. Before tourists get to Tibet they must get the permission document of entering Tibet first.


D1 Arrival in Xining
D2 Xining to Chaka, on the way visit Kumbum Monastery and Qinghai Lake
D3 Chaka to Golmud
D4 Golmud sightseeing, Wangzhang Salt Bridge, Mongolian grassland
D5 Golmud to Tuotuohe sightseeing Kunlun Mountain, Kunlun Pass, Kekexili, the first Bridge of Yangtze River
D6 Tuotuohe to Naqu, Tanggula Pass, Qiangtang Grassland
D7 Naqu to Lhasa, Namtzo, Yangbajin Hot Spring
D8 Potala Palace, Jikhang Temple, Bharkor Street
D9 NorbuLingka, Drepung, Sera Monastery, Lhasa Museum
D10 Lhasa to Shigatze via Gyangtse
D11 Shigatse to Lhsa via Tashilumpu
D12 Lhasa/Beijing(Guangzhou)
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