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Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Overland Tour


D1 Pekking/Xining Hotel in Xining

D2 Xining/Qutan Monastery /Lijiaxia Hotel in Lijiaxia
Qutan monastery was built in 1392 and 87KM far away from Xining. Its outline as like the forbidden city. So here is a saying that is you need not to visit the forbidden city after seeing this one? On the way to Lijiaxia we can see very nice mountain scenery and one of the biggest rivers in china ------the Yellow River.

D3 After breakfast boat to Nanzong Valley and bus to Xining after lunch.
Hotel in Xining
In the valley we can see very nice and bizarre Danxia landforms. All the mountains are red and precipitous. We also can visit three old monasteries. One of the temples is standing on the top of the mountain. It's very nice.

D4 Xining /Kumbum Monastery / Riyue Mountain /Qinghai Lake
Tent Hotel by the Lake
Kumbum Monastery is one of the six biggest Monasteries of yellow sect. On the Riyue Mountain there are two pavilions. The are telling us a very interesting story about Wencheng Princess. On the way to Qinghai Lake we can see the nice and wide grassland.

D5 After breakfast boat to the island to visit the nice island and learn the interesting stories. In the afternoon boat back.
Tent hotel by the Lake

D6 After breakfast bus to Chaka and visit the salt lake by the small train.
Chaka Hotel
On the way to Golmud we can see very big and wide Gebi desert.

D7 Bus to Golmud Golmud Hotel
On the way, we抣l pass the very famous salt bridge and visit the Qinghai Potassium Fertilizer Factory .

D8 Bus to Tuotuohe Hostel of the Military Station
416Km driving Kunlong Mountain(4700m), Fenghuo Mountain(4900m)

D9 Bus to Dangxiong (579Km,), pass the Tanggula Mountain(5231m) ,seeing the very beautiful and wide Dangxiong Grassland Hostel in Dangxiong
Tuotuohe /Naqu (415Km), Naqu /Dangxiong(164Km), Dangxiong /Namgtsu(48Km)


D10 Dangxiong /Lhasa(210Km) Hotel in Lhasa

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